Adobe Lightroom – Perspective correction

Taken aback

At last, the desired perspective can be set before RAW conversion in the newest version of Lightroom. This way you are able to eliminate the problem of inclining buildings. If it’s a problem, I mean…

Its place

The sliders needed for the settings are to be found in the Develop section. Just scroll down to about 3 down in the right-side window of editing tools. Here, select Manual option under Lens Correction.


Let’s have a closer look at the options:

You’ll need Vertical and Horizontal sliders first and foremost from the Transform sliders. The former influences vertical inclination, while the latter squeezes the picture horizontally.

Rotate will modify inclination of the photo if needed, and Scale magnifies or minimizes the photo if you wish to cut from the edges of the image after finishing correction.

In no time

In our sample, we would like to modify the vertical inclination of the building, therefore we have set the Vertical slider to -40. A square grid helps in the punctual setting.

If you select Constrain Crop under the sliders, the software crops your photo so that no empty spaces are left. In our case, there’s a little useless area at the bottom of the photo.

Straight as a die

The photo looks like this after the quick correction and cropping. The buildings have been straightened, but the software has cut the top of the building.

If you work with a large-angle lens and calculate with perspective settings to be done later on, always leave some sky space above the roof in case of taller buildings so that there’s room for cropping.