Perspective correction III. in Photoshop

The situation is surely familiar: you want to shoot a building or an interesting part of it, but you cannot find a position for taking a head-on photo. The result is perspective distortion. We have already discussed multiple solutions on Digiretus, but here’s another one for those using Photoshop CS or a newer version.

Load the photo in Photoshop

The picture is “falling” in every direction, so correction will be a bit more difficult as you have to adjust along two axes at the same time.

Get the Crop tool!

We’ll use a rather unusual tool for adjustment: the Crop tool. Activate it and draw a selection in the picture.

Perspectivic cropping

Select Perspective on the options bar. From now on, you can freely move the corner points of the selection.

Choose lines in the picture which are surely parallel or perpendicular. Use them as guidelines for the adjustment. Never mind if they are located in the middle of the picture—you’ll be able to adjust things before the final cropping.

Be careful as your camera lens may distort (and therefore bend) straight lines!

If you’re done, drag the midpoints of the cropping marquee’s four sides to select the actual area you want to crop.


Got everything adjusted to your liking? All you still have to do is press Enter to have Photoshop do not only the cropping, but also the perspective distortion.