Adobe Lightroom – Teeth whitening


Recently we have talked about how to emphasize the eyes of a person with the aid of Lightroom, and today we are whitening teeth with quite similar methods. This we can carry out with the adjustment brush too and no crafty setting is necessary as we will find this among the default settings of effects.

First of all, take a slightly (or very) yellowish smile for the action. You can use a RAW or JPEG file —Version 3 of Lightroom can handle the latter format as well.

Deja vu

As I said, all you need to do is click on the Adjustment Brush in the Develop section, and then find in the Effect menu the Teeth Whitening option. It is right under the previously discussed Iris Enhance.

Without teeth whitening toothpaste

Somewhat lower below in Brush section, set a comfortable brush size (Size). You can check the size if you drag the mouse over the photo. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can simply regulate the brush size with it. Make sure that Density remains 100% all throughout.

Once the brush is set, whitening can commence. With careful moves of the mouse paint over the tooth surface and the result is immediate. While working, you can change the brush size in accordance with the size of each tooth.

A smile to boast

If you accidentally go over the tooth and paint the gum too (or rather de-color it), use the Erase option in the Brush section to erase the painted surface thereby restoring the original state.

The teeth will glow white afterwards. In for the next portion of caffeine and nicotine.